Does Choosing An International School of Bangkok Guarantee Quality Education?

Are you in Bangkok for work purposes? Are you in the city with your family and kids? If so, then you definitely must be feeling overwhelmed by the need to allow your child continue their education with minimal disruption.

You require an International School that allows your child to continue their education with minimal disruption. International School of Bangkok allows your child the opportunity to continue with the familiar curriculum even when in another country with a different culture. But does this international school of Bangkok determine quality education?

Many factors determine the quality of education that a child will receive. From the price paid for the education to the curriculum the school uses and the facilities and activities put in place to stimulate creative thinking in your child.

Also, the kind of teachers who are there with your kids and whom they learn from also matters a lot to the quality of their education.

International School of Bangkok boasts of having every facility to help your child become their best, academically.

Firstly, the teachers are mostly western trained. The few local teachers are often highly experienced and qualified for the job.

International School of Bangkok also ensures that the size of the class is kept small so that your kid will have all the attention he or she requires. The ideal size is often between 15 and 25. Most public schools have a class size of more than a hundred.

International School of Bangkok is governed by foreign national bodies. These organizations ensure that the school uses a strictly foreign curriculum to avoid disruption of your child’s learning.

While there are many English-programmed schools posing to look like an international school, they are schools that use a Thai curriculum but teach the courses in English. One has to be careful here because they only favor little kids who can speak the Thai language.

People believe that education comes with a huge price tag – it is true. To give your child quality education, you have to pay heavily for it. International School of Bangkok is often favored by the opulent and the expats in the society.

However, if your child is enrolled in a ‘grade A’ international school of Bangkok, quality education is a guarantee.

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