Getting Started with Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness mediation is an excellent way of improving your physical and mental health. This explains why many people are now delving into the practice, as it helps them focus on the present and avoid looking back to undesirable past occurrences.

The only way to become an expert at mindfulness meditation is by practising consistently. This is known as mindfulness training. The most important aspects of the training are breathing, relaxing, and an uninterrupted focus on the present.

Mindfulness Training Methods

As mentioned above, you can do mindset meditation yourself, but only after you get enough training. This is why the Thai News recommends getting a trainer to help you master this practice.

Here are some of the steps that you should follow during mindfulness training.

Find a Suitable Location

Before anything, find a suitable location to do the training. It should quiet to allow you meditate without distractions.


Once you get a comfortable sitting position, start by focusing. It is advisable to concentrate on the present and avoid thoughts and concerns over the past and future, respectively.

As you focus, pay attention to the movements generated by air as you breathe. Also, watch the different thoughts in your mind during this period. Keep in mind that you only notice them – do not judge or react to them. If you start reacting, try to reestablish the initial focus.

You should keep repeating the steps mentioned above until you feel satisfied.

Other Approaches to Mindfulness Training

Besides sitting and focusing on your breath, there are different methods of practising mindfulness training. These involve integrating the practice into other daily activities.

Here are alternate ways of conducting mindfulness training.

Household Chores

Since you wash dishes and clothes regularly, these chores are an excellent opportunity to incorporate mindfulness into your routine. As you clean, take note of your feet on the ground and other body movements.


Most people like exercising while listening to music. Even though this makes you train faster, it disturbs the quiet in your brain. The Thai News recommends removing all distractions and focus on your breathing as you work out.


Mindfulness has several benefits – you only need to allot some time, and it can improve your overall wellbeing significantly.

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