Why You Should Study in Bangkok

For long, many have seen Bangkok as a top tourist destination. However, this has since changed, and more people are going to the country to seek education and even medical services. This is mostly because of the significant technological advancements in the nation.

If you want to know why more people are going to study in international schools in Bangkok, read on.

Excellent Education

Due to the recent developments in the country, the standards of education have improved significantly. Even better, the government supports and scrutinises all learning institutions to make sure that they provide a quality education. All these measures are aimed at assuring scholars of learning in a conducive environment.

Also, international schools in Bangkok offer a wide range courses, covering subjects such as economics, technology, and science, and so on.


Another reason why the Thai News acknowledges International schools in Bangkok is that they are more affordable than institutions western countries. Besides the reasonably priced fees, the cost of living in Thailand is more pocket-friendly as compared to other countries in Europe and America. You can get food for as little as $1, which is impossible in other nations.


Getting a visa to Thailand is relatively straightforward than trying to gain entry into European countries and the United States. Therefore, international schools in Bangkok are more accessible than their overseas equivalents.

Furthermore, Bangkok has an extensive transport system. You can easily access the educational centres by road, rail, or walking.


Thai people practice both traditional and modern cultures. In Bangkok, you can get a taste of both by visiting ultramodern shopping malls and the traditional Buddhist temples. Regardless of your cultural preference, you are assured of having an enjoyable experience.

Favourable Weather

Thailand experiences a tropical climate that it is accommodating to people from most parts of the world. You do not have to worry about bleak winters and blazing summers.


Thanks to international schools in Bangkok, parents no longer have to spend fortunes when seeking quality education. Despite their affordability, they do not compromise on quality. This is why the Thai News approves of these institutions.

If you are looking for international school in Bangkok, KIS International School Bangkok is the best mid-sized IB World School in Thailand offering International Baccalaureate Programmes.